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by Jacqueline Lambert
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In Psalms we read that children are an heritage from the Lord.I believe that God did not only give us children to teach them good values and to bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord, but to teach us parents, about who he is and what He expects of us.

Our children teach us about the unconditional love of God. Even when they make us angry or disappointed us terribly, that doesn't stop us from loving them. We look at God and see that even when we fall short of his expectations, he still loves us with an everlasting love.

Our children also teach us to look at the simple things of life and be thankful.My husband took our two sons to school, only realizing when they drew close to the school that it was out for the day,due to a gala function held the previous day.My 8 year old son turned to his dad and remarked at how good God was that He had made it possible for him to be there, to be able to return them home.You see their father is usually at work from 5 a.m.-5 p. m., Monday to Friday.

Our children that God has given to us, also teach us that prayer doesn't have to be a lenghty eloquent speech, but simply talking to God and letting him know how we feel and thanking him for hearing.I am sometimes amaze at the way my sons prayer and the faith they have in seeing their prayers answered.It gives me such encouragement.

Children also teach us that witnessing and testifying are just matters of letting others know what God has done in our lives. Without fear.

Let us not just look at our children as little trouble-makers, big headaches,or just big handfuls, but let us allow them to help God teach us what He want us to be and who He is.

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