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By Timothy Whitt

I know Christmas is out there somewhere. It has got to be somewhere mixed up in all that wrapping paper that is carefully placed on all those presents. The same Christmas wrapping paper that in two minutes on Christmas morning is deposited from one end of the living room floor to the other.

Christmas has got to be somewhere in all the trips to the mall and all the lost parking spaces. Oh all those mall trips dashing to and fro carrying packages that weigh four hundred pounds in and out of store up and down the mall. Hey a guy what about taking those packages to the car while your wfe is shopping? Or how about stopping by the electronics department: maybe Christmas is there

Christmas has got to be somewhere in the lights on every house in my neighborhood. I can see all those electric meters turning, faster and faster trying to keep up with demand. Wait till all those people see their electric bills for December.

Maybe the true meaning of Christmas can be found in all those TV specials that run every year. Most of them have the same plot some angel or maybe Santa has to save the day so a person or person’s learns the true meaning of Christmas.

Maybe Christmas can be found in all the hype and advertising that currently starts in October even before the Halloween candy has had time to go stale.

Like the wise men I am searching for the true meaning of Christmas in our society but do not have any stars or signs to guide me.

In fact if you read the papers and scour the articles you will see the love of Christmas has been replaced by anger and frustration. A couple weeks ago in a shopping center near my house two woman beat up another woman over a parking space. Can you believe it a parking space?

No, I think our society needs to take a step back. No keep going back a little farther. Back beyond the wrapping paper, the shopping malls, the confusion, the traffic jams, the gift exchanges, the light, the trees. Hey are you tired yet?

We need to go back to a manger in a little town of Bethlehem. We need to go back to the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ. This is the true meaning of Christmas that we should always remember.

It is in that spirit that I want to wish you a Very Merry Christmas!