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by Donna L. Watkins

If you missed part one, you can read it before proceeding with this, however this article will stand alone if you don't want to read part one.

I've done a lot of thinking about the pace of Jesus. How big a mission He had and yet He never rushed. Who has had more important words to say than He, and yet there is not a word to indicate that He was ever in a hurry. There are many words to show us otherwise. Patience, compassion, all the time in the world.

Do we show Jesus to anybody while we rush around? Is our Chistian lifestyle appealing to the unsaved around us? What's different? Where is our Peace? Where is the Joy on our tired faces?

I asked myself many questions while I laid my way through that season of my life, but most of them were why and how. Why I couldn't do what I wanted and how I was going to get things done. Since that time I have learned to slow life down - it was required of me - thank GOD! It allowed me to STOP and take an assessment of what life really is about.

Even though the fibromyalgia is gone thanks to coming upon the book, "A More Excellent Way," I have had to work\ at my attitude about doing by continually reminding myself that we were\ created to be! See my article "Life is in the Being, Not in the Doing"

Are we serving the Lord with our ministries if we aren't spending time with our family? Jesus made some pretty strong statements about the importance of children and family.

When I grew up churches didn't have all the programs. Maybe "the church" has fallen into the same mentality of doing instead of being. Back in the 50's we gathered at church on Sunday to celebrate the Lord and to see church family and then we lived our lives during the week hopefully as Christ would want us to.

All sorts of ministry was done led by the Spirit, I suppose. Food and visits to the sick --- money to a family who had a fire or was without a job. Compassion, patience, and love shared. Nobody told anybody to do anything. Nobody condemned you if you couldn't. It just happened and people were taken care of without a program. You just did what was right from your heart and as the Spirit led.

I wonder how much of what we do as Christians is heart and Spirit led. Will we be rewarded? I think of the Scripture that says if we don't give with a cheerful heart, it is worthless. Are we cheerful in our activities or do we perform them much like our household tasks and our income-producing jobs? If we're not showing the Jesus we see in the Bible? It says if we have not love it's all worthless. Are we showing love? Are we making a difference in our own families before we seek approval of others?

Men, ponder Ephesians 5:28-29, "So ought men to love their wives as their own bodies. He that loveth his wife loveth himself. For no man ever yet hated his own flesh; but nourisheth and cherisheth it, even as the Lord the church." Verse 25-27 talks about Jesus loving the church and giving Himself up for it that He might sanctify it and present it without spot or wrinkle and then goes on to tell men how they are to love their wives in the same manner.

It's a hard job! Men are commanded to "know" their wives. Do you know how she feels about things? Do you talk to her and listen to her without having to "fix it?" Guys are geared to fix things and if they don't have a way to fix it, they tend to avoid it. Women usually just want a shoulder to cry on.

Women! Do you reverence your husband? Do you look up to him or down at him? If God made man to lead and you're doing the job, is it because you don't believe God can finish the process of making your husband the head of your household? I had to consider that I was in the way of Him doing it and it was hard to move aside and "let everything fall through the cracks" but we are to be a helper. It's a major overhaul, but easier than trying to juggle it all when I wasn't meant for the job.

Does your husband work long hours because there are so many bills to pay? Do you work long hours? Do your children long to spend more time with you? Living a more frugal lifestyle and deciding to get out of debt will make it easier on your husband.

If you want life to be different, only you can make it different. It's wonderful if you have your spouse committed to making it different also, but even one person has the power of God on his side and The Word is still Truth and God is still the Potter. When we change, the world around us changes. It may get turbulent for awhile, but when you're over that rapid you look back with sheer joy at the accomplishment of the ride.

Read about Jesus - think about His lifestyle. Think about the Faith that God offers us and consider the mighty mustard plant that grows from a tiny seed. You can plant a beautiful garden of life that produces what you want out of it, but you have to dig to do it.

Debt keeps most people frozen into their lifestyle. If you need help in this area, check out this "Getting Out of Debt" course.

If you need tips on frugal living, spend some time at The Frugal Life

May God Give You Wisdom and Strength of Purpose!

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