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We have forgotten who we are and where we have come from.  As a nation we have been blessed with enumerable gifts. Among those gifts are the freedom to speak what we want, worship how we want and unfortunately to do what we want.


God has blessed our nation and has given to us, but in return we have tried to take Him away.  If you read a school textbook you will see that all vestiges of God having His hand in the formation and creation of this country, or us. has been removed. . We the people of these United States no longer attribute His works to Him but to a chance endeavor of our own initiative.  We the people have freed ourselves from the tyranny of the British, but no longer give God the credit.  We the people have set up this country and made it what it is today, but no longer give God the credit.


Hear the people cry out “God and His blessings must be removed from our nation because we need to separate His church from our state”.  We want to live our lives under our own blessings formed by our own design. 


The problem with this type of thinking is that a blessing can be removed from the blessed if they turn their backs on God.   We the people need to study history a little more and take our example from nations like Israel who had the ultimate blessing from God, but when they turned their backs on God He removed His blessing from them.  They were no longer the blessed but were under the wrath of God


The United States at this very moment as a blessed nation of God is at a turning point we can turn back to God and realize how much He has blessed us so far or we can continue to turn away until we, like Israel, face the wrath of God.  At that moment the blessed will become the lost and searching crying out and complaining about the situation we are in.  The ironic thing is at that moment we will probably blame God for our problems when before we did not even acknowledge His existence.


Blessed are we even if we have forgotten that.