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Is The Bible True?

Is The Bible True?
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PURPOSE OF THIS STUDY: To develop the belief that the Bible really is what it claims to be, the Word of God.

THEME VERSE:  "For prophecy never had its origin in the will of man, but men spoke from God as they were carried along by the Holy Spirit."  II Peter 1:21




A friend comes up to you and asks you to go to a party with her because she wants the company. She tells you that things there might start to swing and promises you a "good time." You tell her you can't go along this time. She says, "Why?" You tell her you believe it's wrong to get drunk or to go "too far" outside of marriage. When she asks you why again, you tell her the Bible tells you that it should be that way. She responds by saying, "The Bible? What's that old book have to do with today?" What do you say in response?




You're in a conversation with another friend who goes to another church but only on special Sundays and holidays. You are discussing why you go to the church you do and you start to talk about Wed. nights and tell him that you have Bible study. "Bible study?" he asks, kind of surprised. "Didn't you know that the Bible is really on a bunch of stories made up to help you through life, kind of like Aesop's fables. The Bible really isn't true. How about all those errors in it like when the Bible says that the earth was formed in 7 days? Everyone knows the earth is older than that. Just listen to the scientists." How do you respond?




A.    Is the Bible true? Can you trust it? What about the following "errors" that we find in the Bible?


1.    Earth created in 7 days - Gen. 1 - Why is the order different in Gen. 2?


2.    List of Adam's line - Gen. 5 - How could they live so long? If this is true,       Methuselah would have been around when Noah was on the earth and would have been drown in the flood, though he was seemingly a righteous man.


3.    Red Sea vs. Sea of Reeds - Exodus 13:17ff - Did the people cross over the Red Sea or the Sea of Reeds? Can the Bible be trusted?


4.    Rahab lies to save the Israelites (Josh. 2) - Exodus 20:16 says that this is wrong. The Bible is contradicting itself. It cannot be right. How would you answer?


5.    John 10:27-29 Jesus says that no one can snatch His flock out of His hands. Heb.       6:4 says that those who have been enlightened, who have tasted the word of God,       if they fall away to be brought back again. How can both of these be true?



B.    How can we tell that the Bible is true? What is truth? (A famous man once said - Pilate) How can we tell that anything is true?


Let's look at this question which is even more basic that whether the Bible is true.


*Play a simple Balderdash game with this - Ask 5 people to come up with the definition. Give the correct definition to only one. See how many people get it right.


WEB. DEF. = Truth = the body of real things, events, and facts (the true definition)


TODAY's DEF. = Truth is what you want something to be. If it's true for you, that's what counts.


Truth is...


      1.      Something that can be verified through observation, experimentation, eyewitnesses, examination, and scientific evidence.


            Example of this:



            Can the Bible be verified in this way?




      2.      Something that is consistent logically and coherent


            Example of this:



            Can the Bible be verified in this way?



      3.      Something that is shown to us by the Holy Spirit


            Example of this:



            Can the Bible be verified in this way?



What we will do the remainder of this quarter is weekly look at passages which are tough to understand and could cause problems and also look at the Bible as if it were truth, as if it is the Word of God and try to understand it better as God's Word.


What should you hope to take with you as you leave this class in November? That you will know God better and be able to understand better why the Bible says some of the things it says and how we know that it's true.

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