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Theme Verse Galatians 5:22

How does a plant grow?  Take the time to list all the things that must take place for a seed to sprout and grow into a fruit bearing plant.
Once you have that done think about the parts of a plant.
What purpose does each of these serve in the plants ability to survive?
You are probably wondering what all of this has to do with our life as a servant of Christ.
Now take the time to relate your life to that of a plant.
Where are your roots planted? Read Luke 8: 1-21
Where do you get your nourishment?  Read Philippians 4:6
As Christians we are called to bear fruit as would a mature healthy plant which is the theme of Galatians 5:22.  If you are not familiar with the verse take the time now to read it.
Notice that the first fruit is love followed by the others.  The significance is that all the other fruits are built on the roots of love.  We must love unconditionally before we can proceed through and develope each of the other fruits of the spirit.  You must have love to be kind, patient and so on. 
What do you think?
Now using our plant analogytake some time to think and list the things that hinder the growth of a plant.
Now can you name some spiritual parallels that hinder our growth as Christians?
If you are having trouble read Galatians 5:19 and list those problems that inhibit growth in your life.
If you are being hindered by anything on the list it is time to let the Gardener culivate your life so that you may bear fruit and ultimately plant seeds in someone elses life.