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This is a 12 week course so check back each week for a new lesson


I don’t know if you know this but as a Christian you are called to counsel fellow believers.   Many of you will cringe at the thought of counseling others.  You might think I have enough of my own problems or I am not called to do that. 


Before you get defensive I am not talking about what you normally perceive as counseling: you know the person with the pad who asks a lot questions, writes down your answers all in order to analyze you and prescribe a treatment. 


I am talking about sitting down with other Christians and listening to them and maybe offering them a little advice.   This my friends is counseling: listening to and helping others.

In this Bible Study, I'll introduce you to and talk about how we must look to the model of Christ in the way we counsel and talk to others.  This is because the Bible tell that Christ is not only our Savior and King but also our counselor.
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