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Aim of Today’s Lesson: To encourage us to consider the integration of Psychology and Theology

“All truth is God’s truth” What do you think? Agree/Disagree? Why?


Can the Bible (Faith) and Psychology be fitted together to become an integrated whole to which we can turn to understand behavior?


When it comes to understanding human behavior there are some basic questions that you must ask yourself.


Can psychology by itself (without theology) explain human behavior?

The root of this questions on the idea that the Bible is not a counseling manual but was only insured by God in order to illustrate where we as God’s creation are in relation to our Creator.  This means the Bible is strictly a theological book and not a counseling book.   


Still other argue that since the Bible deals with human nature and talks repeatedly about the root of mans’ problem, sin, it is a book that must be used in the treatment of psychological issues.   Therefore psychology in and of itself is an insufficient method in treatment of psychological issues.


Can theology and psychology be used together to explain human behavior (intergrationism)?

This question is rooted in the idea that the Bible is a book suitable for use in Christian counseling but is not a disorder specific book so at certain times modern psychology must be used in order to treat those disorders not outlined in the Bible.  An example of this would be schizophrenia; since the Bible does not talk specifically about how to deal with schizophrenics then we must look to the treatment methods outline in modern psychology. 


Can Theology explain human behavior (with Psychology as an add on)? 

This question is rooted in the idea that the Bible is a sufficient tool for Christian Counseling and therefore must the primary source for all Christian counselors.  There is also the idea here that modern psychology is helpful in defining treatments and techniques that can be used by a Christian counselor only they do not conflict with what is contained in God’s word.


The Bible is clear on the matter of Behavior the following passages can be helpful in clarifying the use of Scripture in Christian Counseling



 2 Timothy 3:1-17


Colossians 2:8-15


Read these two verses and decide for yourself which position of the 3 you feel whe it come to Christian Counseling



Psychology with No Theology

Psychology and Theology used in a Hybrid form for treatment

Theology and the use of psychology if it does not conflict with theology