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Are You A Disciple

Are You A Disciple?
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Are you a disciple?  Has anyone ever asked you the question “Are you a disciple?  If so take a moment to list your answer and then list some reasons why you answered the question the way you did.


Most Christians view themselves as disciples but do not really understand what it means to be a disciple of Christ. 


Here are just a few verses that deal with the idea of being a disciple.  Some them come from Jesus Himself.  Read each verse and the take the time to write down what each verse says to you about being a disciple.


1 Corinthians 9:19




John 15:8




Luke 14:33




John 10:27




Matthew 28:18-20




All these verses give you the basic idea of what a disciple is and what God expects of you as a Christian.  As Christians we need to learn from the examples of those disciples that came before us and the best place to start is by reading through the New Testament listing as you go the actions of the first disciples. This way you will know how to live a consistent, exciting faith filled lifestyle.


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  • Growing in Christ - top discipleship resource from CCC, with the potential to take a new believer through various essential stages.
  • New Christian Ministries. This very valuable resource includes both a Gospel presentation, and follow-up help and interactive study. It is very well-written in accessible language with no jargon and words are explained where necessary. Second-language English readers should find it understandable. Spanish, Portuguese and Russian translations are available of some of the material.
  • Journey of Joy (primarily for women) from Campus Crusade Canada.
  • Anchor your Life. Another help for new believers.
  • Spiritual Growth: Never-ending Adventure. Great study material for a new believer and also older Christian. 
  • Passageway - discipleship site for young people, from BGEA.
  • Faith Start short overview.
  • Youth Specialties - young people need material which relates to their needs. This is just one of many such groups.
  • Authentic Walk - email discipleship course.
  • Global Reach offers a wide range of downloadable evangelistic and discipleship materials in a growing number of languages and suitable for an intertional audicent
  • Asian Internet Bible Institute offers a wide range of teaching suitable for non-Western users.
  • Discipleship Encounters offers a range of downloadable discipleship studies for Christians to use with non-Christians.


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