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How do you know you are a disciple?


The answer to the question is easy you know you are a disciple if you are a born again believer with both the discipline and a willing attitude to be Jesus’ disciple. Be forewarned the life of a disciple will be fruitful but at times the life of a disciple difficult.  Think about the first disciples and all that was done through them by God and to them by those opposed to Christ and God.


When you think about Peter, James, John, and all the rest of the disciples and the life they lived you can see why disciples must have discipline.  There are times it will seem like everyone is against you and nothing you are doing is working.  These are the times that you must show discipline and put your faith in God to move on.


Also being a disciple takes a willing attitude, because you must be open to being led by God no matter where He takes you or how hard a task He calls you to do.  It is often said that it is the difficult times that shape a person into the person they are to become. This is because if we can make it over or through the difficult times it makes the good times that much sweeter.   I think it is the difficult times that God uses to show us just how much we need Him and how far we can go when we rely on Him.  The difficult times also show us as disciples how much sweeter Heaven will be when get there because we will know that we truly gave all we had for the Lord.


This is the life of a disciple


If you feel that you meet those two qualifications then you have what it takes to be a disciple of Christ.

Take the time to pray to God right now and ask to give you a willing heart and correct attitude for you life ahead as a disciple.


The purpose for which you were called

It is sad to say that some people who are called to be disciples do not recognize there calling and fail to love up to the life God ahs called them to.


Read Matthew 23:37

In this verse Jesus is speaking out against whom?

Jesus here is speaking out against Jerusalem because the city was not willing to receive Him and live up to the purpose God had called them for back in the Old Testament


Also what does this verse have to do with you and your life as a disciple?

Here we have God’s chose people the Israelites.  They should have seen Jesus for who He is, the Messiah.  Instead they abandoned their calling and turned their backs on God in the flesh.  Israel was to be the nation that would show us God and teach us to repent.


What does this mean for you?  Do not be like Israel and turn your back on God.  If you are a Christian it means recognizing the fact that you need to get up and go out and tell first your neighborhood if called to so, then your city and if called the ends of the earth.  As disciples you are also to share your knowledge with fellow believers.


Read Matthew 26:40-41

In these verses Jesus confronts His disciples. Why?

The answer is for being weak.  A disciple will have times of weakness where they give in to certain desires.  Jesus reprimands His disciples for giving into their weakness.  It is not always easy to do but we must at all times try to follow through with God’s plans, not our own.  .


Read Luke 22:39-44

What is Jesus doing in these verses?


What is Jesus’ prayer request to God?


Jesus prays, “Not my will but thine be done”, but being a disciple means accepting what God has set before and doing God’s will.  It’s a challenge for all believers and all must face it.  He hardest thing to do is give up control and accept someone else’s guidance. 


So in the end it boils down to one job qualification that leads to all the rest, willingness

1.       You must have a willing spirit

2.       You must be willing to be willing to let God make a disciple of you

3.       You must be willing to let go of the controls

4.       You must be will to pray “not my will but yours Lord”

5.       You must be willing to change the things in your life that need to changed

6.       You must be willing to change your attitude

7.       You must be will to accept whatever comes your way, laughing, criticism etc.

8.       You must be a follower of Christ

  • Growing in Christ - top discipleship resource from CCC, with the potential to take a new believer through various essential stages.
  • New Christian Ministries. This very valuable resource includes both a Gospel presentation, and follow-up help and interactive study. It is very well-written in accessible language with no jargon and words are explained where necessary. Second-language English readers should find it understandable. Spanish, Portuguese and Russian translations are available of some of the material.
  • Journey of Joy (primarily for women) from Campus Crusade Canada.
  • Anchor your Life. Another help for new believers.
  • Spiritual Growth: Never-ending Adventure. Great study material for a new believer and also older Christian. 
  • Passageway - discipleship site for young people, from BGEA.
  • Faith Start short overview.
  • Youth Specialties - young people need material which relates to their needs. This is just one of many such groups.
  • Authentic Walk - email discipleship course.
  • Global Reach offers a wide range of downloadable evangelistic and discipleship materials in a growing number of languages and suitable for an intertional audicent
  • Asian Internet Bible Institute offers a wide range of teaching suitable for non-Western users.
  • Discipleship Encounters offers a range of downloadable discipleship studies for Christians to use with non-Christians.


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