Life In Three Parts

Looking Inward
Life Lesson # 1 Humility
Life Lesson # 2 Love
Life Lesson # 3 Presence
Life Lesson # 4 Wholeness
Life Lesson # 5 Surrender
Life Lesson # 6 Grace
Looking Outward
Life Lesson # 7 Vision
Life Lesson # 8 Empowerment
Life Lesson # 9 Character and Values
Life Lesson # 10 Taking Action
Life Lesson # 11 Servant Leadership
Looking Onward
Life Lesson # 12 Listen to be Heard
Life Lesson #13 Realization
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InWard, Outward and Onward Habits of an Effective Life

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Many of us associate our most deeply-held convictions with a single, life-changing experience. Others have always held certain beliefs sacred. In either case, it is important to talk about our experience and share our story or testimony in order to let others know about what it truly means to have a daily walk with Jesus Christ.

I'll use this page to offer my testimony. For example, if a particular experience or event has been especially inspiring for me, I might recount that experience in detail. I might talk about how empty life felt before I found Jesus Chrsit, or how my beliefs have allowed me to overcome obstacles such as depression or anxiety.

I have been a Christian for around 16 years.  I would like to say all those years have went by smoothly, but I can't.   In some ways my life has been easier because I know when all is said and done here, I will be going to a better place.  My life has also been a lot harder becasue where I once had no set standard to live by I now have God's Word as my guide. 
It is hard to live a life pleasing to the Lord.  There are too many distractions in this world, money, power, television and the list can go and on.  Also being a man has it's own distractions with the will to stay pure in mind and body.  I do not know if the women out there have these distractions or not.
That is the main reason for starting this website and this ministry to let other Christians know thay are not alone in their struggles.  That as brothers and sisters in the body of Christ we need to come together to teach each other, to support each other, to cry with each other, to do whatever it takes to make th Body of Christ the light in this dark world.  If you want to share your testimony, a prayer concern or anything at all please email me at

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