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Serve to Lead

Purpose: To realize that the mark of a great leader internally is develop the heart of a servant. 

Key Verse

Matthew 20:26

If one want to be great in the, they must first be a servant


In your own words can you describe what you think a servant is?


In your own words can you describe what a servant does?



Do You Have a Servants Heart?


Part of the developing the inner character of Christ is developing a servant’s heart. Jesus Christ was the greatest example of a servant leader that there ever will be.  In the truest spirit of servant hood the creator of our universe came down to earth in the form of a man to serve His creation by dying on the cross for our sins.  How much more of an example of a servants heart do we need before we as Christians get the big picture. 


For America Christians having the heart of a servant seems to be a hard concept for many to grasp.  Americans seem to have developed an inward lack of modesty and servant hood.   We are a proud people, but sometimes that pride makes us appear arrogant to the world.  The Army boasts that if we sign up we can “Be All We Can Be” and all manner of commercials proclaim that if you buy their cars or use their products then you will be the best at what you do.   I have to admit I bought a pair of those Shaquel O’Neal basketball shoes and I still wasn’t able to play basketball the way he does.


As Christians we have become no better than our secular counterparts.  How many times as a Christian have you looked at someone and said in your heart that that person is beyond all help or will not be responsive to the good news?   How many times as Christians do we sit in judgment and announce just like the proud man in the temple who gave his offering and announced “I am glad I am not like those other people” (my paraphrase).   The truth is we need to examine every bit of our character and as we have already stated in humility ask ourselves “do I have a servant’s heart?)


To experience a servant like attitude this week by finding someone you would normally not associate with and taking them to lunch in order to get to know them.


You could also find someone who needs help performing a routine menial task and help him or her with that task.

I know you are going to say your church has deacons that normally carry out those kind of duties.  The problem is that as Christians we say that sort of thing too much.  It is time for all of us to get out of our seats and into the trenches, loving, caring  for and assisting others with the servants heart of Jesus.


Follow Jesus’ Heart Example of Servant Leadership


Before we can develop the heart of a servant leader we must first discover the servant heart of Jesus.


What does the Bible say about having the heart of a servant?  Read the following verses and summarize what Jesus taught about having the heart of a servant.


Mark 10:35-45


John 10:11-13


John 13:1-17


Colossians 3:23-25


In Philippians 2:1-11 Paul laid out for us an example of the heart attitude of a true Christian.   Part of this attitude is having the heart of a servant.  Read Philippians 2:1-11 and then answer the following questions.


1.      In the opening verses (1-4) Paul lays a life that is different from what the world we live in, In your own words describe the contrast between our life and the life of a citizen of this world



2.      In verses 5-11 Paul uses the life of Jesus as a pattern for us to follow.  Outline how we are to live according to the pattern laid out by Paul in Philippians.



3.   Now using Philippians 2:1-11 describe in your own words how having heart and attitude of servant will help make a difference in how you view



A Servants heart Manifested in My Life


Be willing to do what I ask others to do!


How many times in your life have you asked someone to do something that you were not willing to do yourself?


As a Christian if you answered the above question with 1 or more times then you need to examine your heart and pray to God for an attitude of service. 


Serve God with the joy set before us!


Do you live your life like the Grinch with a small heart and a sour attitude? 


The Grinch failed to see with his heart and only his head.   Christians are not immune to this mentality.  How many times have you gone around grumbling about some small insignificant problem?  These are the problems that we let ruin our day because we don view through the eyes Jesus and the Spirit of God.  If we did we would see even the difficulties of life as a joy.  It goes back to the old is your cup half full or half empty philosophy.  As Christian our cups should run over with joy everyday because each day is a gift from God and another day we can share the Good News of the Gospel with others.


What does Psalm 100:2 say about our heartitude?


Expect nothing in your heart in Return for what you do!


There is an old saying that saying that goes something like this “ if you do not expect anything in return for what you do or give, you will never be disappointed and as Christians that should be our heartfelt attitude towards servant hood that we should not expect anything in return for what we do.  I like the Christmas not because of what I am given but because I can feel the spirit of giving in the air.   I realize how much God gave up for me, and how little I can give in return to Him.   This should be our attitude throughout the whole year.  The idea of giving to others the love that was given to us on that first Christmas day.  If that love includes selfless service to others then that is what I should do. 


The following verses talk about what our attitude towards service should be.  Read the verses, write down the lessons you learn from each one and then live out those lessons in your life each day.  Selfless service to others is a chief way that the TEAM can grow.


1 Corinthians 9:19

Luke 22:25-26

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