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Begin With The End In Mind

Purpose: To show that all TEAM members must have a heart wholly centered on the holiness of God and our focus should be on the finish line in order to assure that we being the race with thoughts of the end in mind. 


God gets ticked off by our unfaithfulness towards Him


“My heart is not in it”

How many times have heard someone use this phrase in a conversation or maybe you, yourself have used them to justify your not being able to take on some task or some responsibility?   I know in my lifetime every time I have used these words I have come to regret it.   These words and phrases have given me the mental ability to cop out of something before I even have a chance to start.   The words “heart is not in it” I should and strike such lines as “I can’t”, and “ I don’t know how “are among a handful of sayings that I wish I had eliminated from my vocabulary many, many years ago.   These are all saying that rob us of our wholeness in God. 


I have found and if you truly examined your heart that when we use these saying in our minds we are limiting what God can do through us and with us, in His holiness.  In fact I think that God gets ticked off at us for not going the extra mile by mentally putting a limit on His power by not having the faith in placing our full trust and confidence in Him in all that we do.  To God disbelief in His ability is a form of unfaithfulness. 


Did you ever really take the time to think about your thoughts and how mentally you limit your ability to be whole through God? 


Another problem with always having a negative mental attitude is that when a person says “there heart is no longer in it” they are no longer fully focused on the task at hand.  It means that the person has taken their focus way from what was once important and placed it on something else.  In a marriage it could be a signal that one person is thinking about getting a divorce because the feeling of love and closeness is no longer there.  


In our relationship with God whenever we are not wholly focused on God’s holiness in our thoughts and deeds we are saying to God that our heart is not totally in it anymore.  We are saying to God we know what is best for us.  This type of thinking is dangerous for a Christian, because we no longer focus on God’s holiness for our whole life.   We start to walk off the straight and narrow path and are head for the wide path that leads to destruction, because if we try to withdrawal one part of our lives from God’s wholeness then soon we are trying to take back control of other parts of our lives.  This is a very bad habit to get into.


Take a few minutes to examine your life; are you wholly committed to holiness and integrity?



Many Christians don’t realize how much wholeness in our relationship to God is tied to our holiness through God and how much that wholeness and holiness will shape our integrity.   That is why faithfulness towards God is the number one priority in our lives.  If we are not whole heartily committed to being faithful to God then how can we ever feel that we are committed to His work?  Our commitment and mindset to our relationship with God will ultimately shape the commitment we have in our earthly relationships. 

When you take a serious look at the life of Jesus you will see that He was committed to His Father and the task at hand, even in the Garden of Gethsemane when he prayed for the cup to be taken from Him, Jesus not my will but Father’s will be done.   Even when Jesus knew that we would turn our backs on Him, Jesus went to the Cross-for us.  .  Hey, Jesus died on a cross for us how much more commitment and love that to show love to your enemies.  


Jesus mental commitment to always looking toward His Father in order to obtain wholeness and holiness through God is the type of mental commitment we need to show each and every day.  An internal commitment to love not only those people who love you but also to love those who hate you and verbally and physically spit on you in thought, words and deeds.  This is true wholeness in and holiness of God.  Everyone knows at least one person that they cannot bear to be with.  This is the person that puts you down, mocks or a list of any number of other offenses you can think of.


Take the time to make a list of those people you would not admit others that you do to not like.   These are the people who you would never invite to your house for a party or luncheon. 


Keep the list handy because we will be coming back to it later.


Ask God to Show You Areas of Your Life Where You Don’t Practice Wholeness


Now that you have heard my definition of wholeness write your definition of what it means to have wholeness with God?

The Israelites had a problem they had God traveling through the desert with them each and every day for forty years but they failed to find their true wholeness in Him.   God gave them freedom from the Egyptians but they grumbled.  God gave them food when they were hungry, but they grumbled.  God brought them home to the Promised Land, but they grumbled.   The problem with the Israelites is a problem we have; we grumble because we do not have wholeness in Christ, we fail to begin our walk with the end in mind.


There is a whole picture to my Christian life, where I am at now and where I will be someday.  The problem is our vision of the end gets clouded in the worries of the now.  Our cup does not run over so we start to grumble.  Pardon the expression but the whole idea of wholeness in God can be summed up in one-word priorities.  Where our priorities lie there will our wholeness be also.  This is a loose paraphrase of Matthew 6:24 which says that you cannot serve two masters.   Whatever we out ahead of our love for God and takes away from our seeing the whole picture of our life in Christ is our master. 


Write down and write each area of your life, God, family, church etc and then rank those areas as to their importance to you.  Then read 1 Timothy 6:6-9 and in your own words describe how we are truly made whole and in the process see God’s holiness above our own?




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